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Water damage

We believe that the best choice for insurance coverage is with a personal insurance agent who is invested in their client. It is very important to have “someone in your corner” who has your best interest at heart. Making the insurance decision by checking some boxes on the internet to find the cheapest coverage can cost many times over the small savings that might be offered in an advertisement.


Superior Restoration Services Inc. has been serving clients in disaster situations for over 10 years. We would like to take a moment to address a few areas that are integral to proper insurance coverage based on our experience of being on the claim side of the insurance industry.


Replacement Coverage

Make sure that you have replacement coverage. If your policy does not have this, your goods will be depreciated. For example: if your flooring needs to be replaced, and it is 5 years old, the claim payment would assume in most cases that the carpet has a 10-year warranty and it would be replaced at 50% instead of 100% of its value. Example: $5,000.00 in carpet is depreciated to $2,500.00 you receive for the carpet, minus your deductible. You could end up with $1,500.00 to buy $5,000.00 in carpet and we are assuming the cost per square foot has not gone up in 5 years.


Replacement coverage is extremely important for people on a fixed income. There may not be funds readily available to make repairs that are not covered.


Sewage Damage

Sewage damage is a biohazard. Sewage can carry all types of diseases, including HIV, AIDS, etc. Anything that sewage water comes in contact with must be removed- to include drywall, flooring, etc.


Many people think that if the washing machine backs up into their home that it only contains dirty laundry water. Homes only have one pipe exiting the home for dirty water, which is the sewage line. In the event of a backup, contaminants are shared across all areas, including the main sewer line connecting the property to the city waste water lines. The thought that, “None of my family carries diseases, so a little black water isn’t a hazard to me” is incorrect since that line is directly connected to more than your home and your family.


In the state of Colorado, all drywall and in some cases, flooring materials must be tested for asbestos when removing more than 32 square feet. In the event of a sewage backup, the affected areas must be tested before removal, and all affected areas require removal.


The average sewage damage claim can easily be over $10,000 depending on the scope of loss. It is very important that you choose to carry enough coverage so that you are protected in the event of a loss. We have seen many sad circumstances where people have had a loss without adequate coverage, make difficult decisions that could have been avoided with the proper insurance coverage. Make sure to ask your insurance agent if there is a cap on coverage for sewage backup.


Mold Remediation

Mold coverage is essential to a balanced policy. In the event of a water loss, if mold is discovered and there is no mold coverage in your insurance policy, then the homeowner would have no coverage.


Mold remediation has a wide cost range, and it is important to find out if the cap on mold remediation would also affect replacement of the property interior. For example, if mold is discovered, and the remediation (removal) costs $5,600, and the rebuild of the property was $8,200, if the mold cap also applied to the rebuild of the property, the homeowner would be in a difficult situation without ample coverage.



Make sure that you have a deductible that you can comfortably pay in the event you need to make a claim. Many people do not pay attention to the deductible until they have a disaster in their home.


It is illegal in the state of Colorado for a vendor to not collect a deductible from the client.


The agreement to pay your deductible is your agreement with your insurance company, just as their agreement with you is to assist you should you suffer a loss.


Home Improvements

Make an appointment to meet with your insurance agent once a year to review coverages. Your agent can assist you in updating your policy to reflect purchases you have made for expensive belongings, remodel projects, etc. Your agent can also update your policy costs, often saving you money.


Keep a notebook and document upgrade costs. Keep receipts, especially for big ticket items, such as flooring upgrades, custom painting, and bathroom or kitchen remodels.


Notate paint colors, preferably the paint recipe color codes, not the paint color dot. Keep notes of where you bought it, and what kind it was. Then, if you need to do touch up painting, and the can of paint is too old, it can be easily matched.

Tips for Clients Who Buy Insurance

Making decisions about insurance is often done without a lot of thought. It’s something we must have, and we just hope we never use it. Oftentimes, people make snap decisions based on the cheapest premium without considering what the repercussions of those decisions can mean to them and their family if disaster strikes.

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